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  Charles Maple Nick Name: Gay
Age: 16
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Hobbies: Paintball, Eating, and chillin.
Equipment: Spanky Cobra Autococker W/Eblade, JT Proflex, Revy, Pack, Apoc tank.
Name on jersey: Charles "Gay" Maple
Number on Jersey: 69
Email Adress:
AIM: Chazthaspaz4231

  John Dean Nick Name: N/A
Age: 14
Weight: 135 
Height: 5'11
Hobbies: Paintball, Motocross, and Baseball.
Equipment: 2K3 VF cocker with W/Blade and boomstick.
Name on jersey: John "N/A" Dean
Number on Jersey: 24
Email Adress:
AIM: ECBbomber1